Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 92

Every night my dogs, husband, and I go through a horrible routine. I tell drew goodnight and ask him to let the dogs out. I go get in bed (finally). Then the dogs come back in and they are supposed to get in bed. Molly goes in brooklyn's bed and Brooklyn tries to get in molly's. No way am I sleeping next to the loudest dog in America. So I have to get out of bed an tell Molly to go get in her's. Molly is afraid to walk around the bed as sometimes she takes the turn too fast and ends up spinning her "wheels". So she waits for me to stand by the closet, gesture with my hands (as if giving her the right of way) and tell her "go!" at least two times before she makes the turn, scratching the wood floor heading toward her bed. Then Brooklyn still doesn't know where to go, so I have to tell her where to go before she goes to lay down. There really isn't anywhere else they go. Why the confusion? I mean, REALLY!

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